Speaker for Nanotechnology Conferences  2020
Dr. Tahereh Alinejad
Oujiang Laboratory, Wenzhou Medical University, China

Dr. Tahereh Alinejad is from Iran. She obtained a doctorate on Genetics and Molecular Biology from the University of Malaya. Her doctoral dissertation studied the epigenetics of the innate immune system in the Freshwater prawn, M.rosenbergii animal model. Her research has provided valuable insights into the genome's vulnerability to heat shock, physiological responses, and tolerance to environmental stress.

Dr. Tehereh's postdoctoral research endeavor centered around the study of lung cancer. The experiment aimed to identify a potent gene in Chinese lung cancer patients. Also, she did a lot of research on gene knockdown and lung cancer tumor suppression. In this conference, she will present one of her research projects on Knockdown of Long noncoding RNA MALAT1.

Recently, she joined Oujiang Laboratory as an associate research scientist. She focuses on FGF families and exploring their therapy options for animal disease models.