video presentation

Video Presentation

We have a video presentation option, some presenters will be unable to make the trip to the conference venue to present their papers, mainly due to financial and/or political restrictions on travel. Our committee has therefore instituted a video virtual presentation system to allow the authors of accepted proposals the same publication opportunities as regular presenters. Researchers who are unable to resolve the funding issue concerning the conference expenses will be provided with an alternative approach for participation, namely, Video Virtual Presentation. 

All participants must be prepared according to the given criteria. If you come across any problems you may get in contact through the following e-mail (

  • Your 15 minutes video presentation may be having you presenting in front of a camera or your voice over the PowerPoint or a combination of any other creative methods of presentation.
  • You are kindly requested to create the video file of your presentation. This video should not be more than 15 minutes.
  • If your video under the 20 MB, you can send your videos via e-mail ( If it’s bigger than 20 MB, you should upload your video file on YouTube ( and send your video link e-mail to (
  • During the conference dates, we will present your video presentations at the Conference Hall.