video presentation

Video Presentation

Guidelines for Video Presentations –

Please review the specific guidelines for the types of submission being prepared (e.g., lecture, recitals). Kindly note the following guidelines for the video presentation:


• Videos of any length are welcome.

• For all projects, the video should be continuous. Performers and lecturers should take up themajority of the center of the screen. All submissions should be edited to remove excess background noise, blank space, and applause.

• Videos can be shot using any device capable of recording standard or high-definition video: a high-quality webcam on your computer, a hand-held video camera, or a hand-held device such as the more recent iPhone and iPad.

• Videos can be standard definition or High Definition. If you are unsure which definition your camera shoots, it is most likely one of these two. Higher resolutions will result in better quality videos.

• Videos with a 16:9 aspect ratio will look the best. Most 4:3 resolutions are also supported.

• By virtue of submitting a video to CMS for publication consideration, it is understood that the video submitter agrees to the Copyright and Submission Guidelines.

• As you would for any print publication submitted for consideration, be certain that your video is free from misspellings, inaccuracies, and misappropriations. Videos that do not adhere to these requirements will not be reviewed.

• Video may be, of course, shot in any format but it must be converted to either MP4 or M4V format before submission to Symposium. Please see the guidelines for preparing your video file in these formats for submission.